How to clean up your Computer to make it run faster

How to clean up your Computer to make it run faster

Windows 10 is great, we quite agree. But then, with time, its performance degrades, giving rise to these questions: How can I clean up my computer to make it run faster? What steps should I take to increase the efficiency and responsiveness of my PC, especially in games and productivity apps? This article looks at actionable tips you can implement right now to boost your Windows speed and responsiveness in applications, more especially in gaming.

Before we proceed, I want to let you know that Windows 10 has lots of improvements over Windows 8, and runs a lot faster. However, it still suffers from a common ailment – Windows operating systems tend to get slower with time. So it goes without saying that your slick and brand new Windows 10 installation will definitely slow down with time.

Besides, Windows 10 has lots of enhancements and settings you really don’t need. These settings are turned on by default in most cases. So turning them off won’t hurt your system, instead, your Windows will be much lighter and more responsive. This guide is arranged in sequences, and you can navigate to a preferred sequence. However, it is recommended to follow the guide faithfully and consecutively for the best results.

After implementing all the optimizations listed here, the overall effect on your PC is distilled down to the following:

  • Better System Speed

You get to eliminate the unnecessary clutter and apps that contribute to a heavier Windows installation, resulting in a leaner and lighter Windows 10.

  • Increased performance

Your programs and games will load and run much faster. Expect to get up to a 40% increase in performance in games and productivity apps. Your games will produce much higher frames per second (FPS), and also better system responsiveness.

In addition, your system will operate more efficiently since the unneeded settings and optimizations will be disabled or turned off. Finally, there is a bonus for laptop users. Stick around to the end of the article and find out just what it is!

Clean up your computer to make it run faster
Windows 10 is undoubtedly Microsoft’s best operating system ever

You can watch the video if you want to, but it is advisable to follow the guide below for the best results.

Sequence 1 > Prerequisites

First of all, you should update your Windows 10 installation. This is to ensure better system stability and maximum compatibility.

Update Windows

Simply head over to the Control Panel and open the Windows Update icon. Go ahead and check for updates, then install any updates available. If your Windows is already up to date, you’re good to go.

Control Panel>Windows Update

Set a System Restore Point

This is absolutely necessary and I would advise you to ensure you don’t skip this step. As usual, go into the Control Panel and open the Recovery icon to launch System Restore.

Control Panel>Recovery>System Restore     

If your System Restore functionality is not set up, follow these steps to set it up.

Click on the search button on the Task Bar. Type Control Panel. Open it up. Next click on System and Security, click on System, then click on Advanced System Settings. When it comes up, click on the System Protection tab, then click on the drive holding your Operating system (usually labeled C: System), and then click on Configure. Turn on System Protection and drag the slider up to 5% to create a Recovery allocation on your drive, which is usually around 8.5GB.

Go ahead and Create a Restore Point which should finish in a few minutes, and you’re done.



Before you proceed, please read this!!! I guarantee that your computer will benefit from these optimizations if you follow the steps outlined here faithfully. However, carry out these procedures at your own risk. Any damage to your computer which might arise from these optimizations is your liability. Build My PC is not responsible or liable in any way. Proceed at your own risk!!!

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