What’s the best PC Build for Graphic Design

What’s the best PC Build for Graphic Design in 2022?

Graphic design is an art; the art of blending images and copy to convey a message through print or display media. If you are a graphic designer, you should equip yourself with the best PC. So what’s the best PC build for graphic design in 2022? This guide is for you if you’re looking for answers.

This build is the extreme configuration graphic design PC for serious graphic designers. This guide is what you need if you want the best performance hardware. In this article, I will practically guide you through choosing the best components to purchase and why you should.

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Who is this Graphic Design PC Build for?

Are you a Graphic Designer or Adobe Photoshop expert? Do you handle heavy design work involving large files? This configuration is ideal for the heavy lifting graphic design work in apps such as Adobe Photoshop™, CorelDraw™, Adobe Indesign™, and Adobe Illustrator™.

We are going to be recommending both AMD and Intel-based ultimate graphic design computer build in 2022. Our technical department vets and carefully selects these components to work without compatibility issues arising from mismatched hardware.

These configurations are equipped with the latest m.2 NVMe drives for the best file performance. NVMe drives drastically improve the overall performance of PC’s over 80% in various operations. The Processor is a 12th generation Intel Core™ i7 processor for the best performance, with other options to choose from. With the ultimate graphic design PC, you don’t need to wait around for your computer to process stuff; design at blazing speed, and beat your deadlines clean!  

What’s the best PC build for Graphic Design 2022? Our pick

AMD PC Build

AMD Graphic Design PC Build

Choose this if you want to build a Graphic Design PC based on the AM4 platform. All parts are vetted for compatibility.

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Best Configuration for Graphic Design [Updated]

This guide is all you need to build a PC for Graphic Design. Recommended configuration plus guide.

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