How do I build a dedicated Streaming PC in 2024?

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Games are meant to be played, at least by one player and maybe 2 or 3 players. Recently, this has changed. Thanks to the online game-streaming service Twitch, games can now be viewed in spectator mode. Twitch has gained stupendous popularity in recent years, hosting thousands of game streams at a time. To build a streaming PC, there are some things you need to get basically, and you’re good to go. So How do I build a dedicated Streaming PC? We are going to outline all you need to DIY-build a dedicated Streaming PC with expert recommendations.

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AMD Streaming PC Builds

Budget AMD Streaming PC Build List

AMD Budget Streaming PC Build

Choose this build if you want a budget Streaming PC based on the AM4 platform. All parts are vetted for compatibility.

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NB: The CPU Cooler is bundled with the Processor

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