Build Guides for Custom PCs

We provide informative build guides for custom PCs ranging from desktops to laptops. Our guides are comprehensive, well-researched, authoritative, and tailored to your needs and expectations. We provide guidance on how to build a custom PC, quite specifically for those who would like to build their PCs, from beginner to enthusiast.

Do you want to build your own budget gaming computer or a kick-ass PC for Video Editing? We’ve got you covered. You may also want to read this article on why you need to build your own PC. We also provide reviews of tech products including pre-built desktops, laptops, gadgets, and computer accessories.

Build a PC for Adobe After Effects

Build a PC capable of handling Adobe After Effects software. Full guide plus recommendations.

Build a PC for Adobe Creative Suite

Thinking of building a future-proof PC for Adobe Creative Cloud? We take you through what you need to know, plus recommendations.

Best PC Build for Office Work

This guide shows you what hardware you need to build an inexpensive Office PC. AMD and Intel build plus recommendations.

Build a Powerful CAD Workstation PC – Guide & Recommendations

What's the best PC build for CAD in 2022?

Want to build a capable Desktop Workstation for CAD? This article provides useful information. AMD and Intel build plus recommendations.

Build a dedicated streaming PC – Guide & Recommendations

This guide is for building a dedicated Streaming PC. Featuring AMD and Intel builds plus recommendations.

The Best VR-Ready PC Build for 2022 – All budgets & Recommendations

best VR ready PC build

Full guide plus recommendations on the best VR Ready PC build for all budgets. Take your gaming to the next level with VR. Full hardware and VR Game recommendations are also included.

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